It’s pretty nervy of me to write about knitting socks, when I’m on my second pair, but I have a few thoughts about the subject.

My first pair of socks took me about six years to finish. I made one, then didn’t make the other for about six years. It was a fairly easy pattern, I think, with a French heel and a broken rib pattern. Luckily for all of us, these colors are sort of Irish looking:


I decided to take a class in knitting socks on two circular needles, so I bought some spunky HiKoo CoBaSi yarn (CoBaSi = CottonBambooSilk), and all the needles a person should need. It was ridiculous how difficult making socks on circulars was for me! I started on a top-down pattern given by the teacher, which did not make sense to me and only got worse with time. I found lots of places where I added stitches and dropped stitches, but not enough to make up for the added stitches. It was not good.

Our LYS is owned by a lovely knitter, Ms. Lesly, I call her. (That’s where I purchased the said CoBaSi.) She makes the most amazing socks and one of her pairs is based on the pattern called “Hermione’s Favorite Everyday Socks” (Erica Lueder, Ravelry), which is quite appealing to this Potter fan, so I frogged the socks and started making the Hermione pattern, top down, magic loop. Getting started was a challenge, but I finally got going on the pattern and it went pretty smoothly until I got to the heel. I decided to try a different heel than the one in the pattern, so I looked up “German short row heels” in Donna Druchunas’ book, How to Knit Socks That Fit. (The rhyme makes it easy to remember.) Well, since the library insisted that I return their book, I asked my Mesa Fiber Arts Guild knitting friends what to do, and you’ll never believe what they said.


So I did. (My knitting friends are geniuses.)

In spite of the fact that I didn’t do the German short rows perfectly, the heels turned out pretty well, for my first time.

But that magic loop is a pain for knitting two socks at once. You have to keep your strands of yarn from tangling together. It takes a lot of time moving the socks along the needles and loops.

So now, I’m going to knit the rest of the socks on DPs and be done with it.

Here are pictures of the almost-socks, still on the circulars:

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