So, is probably not a good way to start a blog, but here we all are. I am a knitter, tatter, and am learning to spin. I love doing these things, and could natter on and on about it, and often do. I belong to the Mesa Fiber Arts Guild in Grand Junction, CO, which is a collection, gathering or spin of fiber artists, amazing group. If you like to do fiber arts, I recommend joining a group, because it will enrich your life. You will learn, teach and enjoy the company of others who have your special kind of craziness.

One thing about the fiber arts, they are all very mathematical, but they are also creative, so you have the best of both halves of your brain. And you don’t have to be perfect to create perfectly wonderful things. When I took a spinning class in April, I learned that whatever you spin can actually be called yarn!

Fiber arts are very comforting, too, because there’s something about handling fibers that makes your skin happy. If you’ve ever felt alpaca, you know what I mean. Plus, there’s buffalo, yak, paco vicuna, cashmere, angora, DOG yarn, for crying out loud! Silk, also.

One fun thing about living in Colorado is the fact that there are so many opportunities to learn about the growing, harvesting and processing of fibers. I will share my adventures here, as I learn more about this subject. Of course, everyone in Colorado is trying to cash in on the hemp craze, so I spoke with a fellow fiber artist this morning about trying to turn hemp into fiber and cloth locally, to try to replace coal jobs that are being lost. Hemp is a great eco-friendly crop and is useful in ways besides healing the sick (ahem!) or getting a Rocky Mountain High.

I want to give another shout out to my Guild friends. We encompass all fiber arts, except quilting and embroidery, which have their own guilds, so namely knit/crochet, spinning, weaving, dyeing, and rug hooking/punching. Our members also do lots of other crafts, such as kumihimo (look it up!), saori weaving, tatting (that’s me), and Russian needle punch. Some of our members are so accomplished, it’s dazzling to hang out with them. Some of our older members have participated in “sheep to shawl” projects, wherein they take a newly shorn fleece, spin it and knit a shawl, all in one day! I’m sorry, that just impresses the heck out of me!

This is not going to be as sofistikated as some blogs, because I am nowhere near the artist that some people are, but who knows what lies ahead!

With joy and fiber love,


Disclaimer: This unique opportunity to share my fiber joy comes from my middle daughter, who gave me this blog for Mother’s Day. What she doesn’t realize is that I’ve been wanting to do a blog about my husband, also, titled, “The Care and Feeding of a Leprechaun.” Y’all may get some Leprechaun news here, as well. (That “y’all” is a Missouri drawl, not quite as southern as you might think.) Blessings!

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